Schizophrenia and other psychoses;
Obsessive-Compulsive Neurosis and others
Depression (Major, Cyclothymic, Reactive, Minor, Melancholic)
Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, the Internet and other Addictive behaviours/Dependencies
Bipolar/unipolar disorder;
Generalized Anxiety, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia and other specifics, Panic Attacks and other Anxiety Disorders
Autism and other Neurodevelopment disorders
Anorexia, Bulimia and other Eating Disorders

Sleep Disorders
Psychosomatic Disorders
Sexual Disorders
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Personality Disorders;
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Neurodegenerative Disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others)
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We have several treatment appropriate to your problem

Diagnosis and the definition of the therapeutic approach towards each client is carried out by a specialized team, supported by the relevant clinical history and psychological tests.

It is to highlight the continent effect / shield the technical team has on each patient.

Every treatment is followed by a nursing service specialized in mental health.

After treatment, Dorial provides users a psychotherapeutic and psychiatric follow up program in order to maintain and optimize the gains over the initial treatment at our clinic.

For other complementary treatments, where necessary and undergone abroad, the patient is accompanied by a specialized team.

Individual psychotherapy adapted to the problems of each patient:
– Dynamic
– Cognitive-behavioural (3rd Generation/Mindfulness)
– Systemic
Group Psychotherapy
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Relaxation (Jacobson’s progressive muscular, Guided imagination, Abdominal breathing training, Autogenic training)
Occupational Therapy
Re-integration into School/Academic Life
Social Re-integration
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Clínica da Quinta da Tapada operates in an open-door regime, receiving individuals of both genders with psychological disorders, whom because of their limitations do not have the possibility to organize, by themselves, their daily activities nor are they able to put into perspective the most adequate life aims and the necessary measures to achieve them.

The aim of the therapeutic program is to obtain a greater psychic stability of its users, aiming at their psychosocial rehabilitation and reintegration. For each client we set up a specific project that encompasses the school/academic, professional level, as well as the physical component and the artistic and recreational activities.

We have technicians specialized in the definition of the mentioned project together with each client, as well as in its follow-up and development. The intervention is developed at an individual and family level, a group level and at a Community level. The therapeutic team encourages the relearning of the need to comply with social norms as a way for the user to preserve/increase its own internal norms.

Within the group composed of the users and the entire technical team, we favour the existence of an environment that protects, rules and stimulates while promoting a balanced development of the interpersonal relationships. Outside, each user is responsible for his behaviours, but the technical team provides all the necessary instructions and support.


As an essential complement to treatment, we have the following activities:

Seasonal Activities


Therapeutic intervention is also part of the psychosocial approaches that help our patients to return to an active role in society, therefore a personal school/academic or professional project will be defined for each patient.
In the rehabilitation process special attention is given to the meals and the physical, aesthetic and recreation components.
Thus, Dorial provides technical expertise for the definition and implementation of the project with each patient.

Activities for personal enrichment

We offer recreational and sports activities that promote balance and personal development, as well as the interaction amongst the patients. Particular stress is given to gym, swimming, painting and music classes.

Back to the academic life

The Dorial provides a direct correlation between the clinical and the various educational institutions, thus providing help in selecting the course, the process of registration and study support throughout the school career.

Back to work

Our technical team provides each patient support for the integration into the labor market or reintegration at work. The clinic has the support of some institutions, including the:

  • Autarquia da Mealhada
  • Junta de Freguesia da Mealhada
  • ACIM (Associação Comercial e Industrial da Mealhada)
  • ACIC (Associação Comercial e Industrial de Coimbra)
  • AIDA (Associação Industrial do Distrito de Aveiro)
  • IEFP (Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional)


Food / Aesthetics / Health / SPA

The psychic balance is intimately connected with the physical well-being and personal image. Thus, an analysis is made for each case in order to define the most appropriate diet, with the support from nutritionists and other health experts that collaborate with the Clinic.
In order to promote physical well-being, the Dorial clinic is linked to the thermal and aesthetic care of the Termas do Luso SPA, as well as to aesthetic centers in the central region of the country.